What Our Clients Say

Jocelyn has treated many patients ranging from elite athletes to the more sedentary individual. Here’s what our clients have to say:

As a rugby player, sports therapy is very important to keep me on the pitch. Jocelyn has been working with me and the team this year and  is always very thorough in diagnosing a problem, and especially when fixing it. Being qualified in sports therapy I know what I need and that is why I would always go to see her first. She is also great to chat to and makes you feel very comfortable during your time spent with her, highly recommended.

Andy, Former Pro Rugby Player and Personal Trainer

“I’ve had sports massage from many different practitioners over the years, and some can hit the trouble spots better than others. After a first treatment with Jocelyn she moved to personal my A-list, as she homed in fast on the areas that needed attention and wasn’t shy about applying enough pressure to break down those knots, all the while showing good sensitivity that she wasn’t going too hard (with hamstrings being the target area, a few utterances from me were inevitable!) The results speak for themselves – before the session I had barely been able to squat, while right afterwards I had much improved mobility and was back to full functioning the next day, with no residual pain. Great job!”

Mike, Tech Entrepreneur

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If you are looking simply relax it’s not for you! If you want hands to knead out all the aches and pains in your muscles then Jocelyn is perfect. She has the perfect firm yet soft hands that instantly releases all the tension aches and pains you have. Very friendly and professional. Having my own business I certainly hold a lot of tension in my back and shoulder muscles and it was always so painful. My shoulders used to be rock hard. The fact that she comes to me every month means I don’t have miss a day of work due to back ache. I’ve definitely feel an improvement!

Remi, Style and Beauty Consultant 


Jocelyn is a gifted therapist who has what I call “the magic touch”. She found my knots and areas of tension immediately, and skilfully uses her knowledge and intuition to apply just the right amount of pressure. Highly recommended!
Jenny, Personal Trainer 

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I reached out to Jocelyn when my shoulders were hurting so much I couldn’t lift my arms overhead without the need to have a good cry. Just one session with her was enough to release all the tension and take all the pain away. She’s incredibly friendly and will keep you distracted from the pain quite well. I try to have an hour with her at least once a month and really can’t recommend her enough. Andreea, Project Manager

Shoulder is feeling so much better (if not a little battered)….but no pain this morning and managed do some shoulder to overhead and muscle-ups today!…Thanks!!!!
Phil, Coach

Therapist treating a patient's neck

“Professional, friendly and really hit the spot”

Thanks, a lovely massage!
James, Management Consultant  

Jocelyn is friendly and professional. A great massage!
Emily, Musician

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Jocelyn is clearly a very experienced sports masseur and she was able to pinpoint the right areas to work on and apply just the right pressure to get some real benefit.
Matthew W

“Jocelyn is a great therapist. She really knew what she was doing.”

I have regular treatments from Jocelyn each week. Her “MOTs” get me ready for training and match days!
Alex, Pro Rugby Player 

The muscles go through so much stress in this sport that it is important to manage your body. It’s important to do this yourself, however things such as sports massage by Jocelyn is a fantastic aid. Mike, Pro Rugby Player

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